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Should I Be Backing Up?



“There are two types of people, those who have had a hard drive fail and those who will.”

 ~ Some guy who lost his data.


Computers store all their data on a hard drive. A hard drive is made up of spinning platters and a mechanical arm that reads the information (much like a record player).

Because the tiny parts of a hard drive are constantly churning away they will eventually fail. Not if, but when.

Think about the amount of important work and personal documents you store on your computer, family photos, music and videos. What would you do if they were to disappear at this very moment?

Ways to Backup:

External Hard Drive

This is the tried and true method. It involves purchasing an external hard drive and copying your important data to it. Windows and Mac computers come with a backup utility to easily setup and schedule incremental backups. We recommend no less then once a week, preferably daily.

Online Backup

There are online services that will backup your data to an online server. This is probably the easiest and most hassle free way of backing up. Once you install the service’s software, you simply choose what files you would like to backup and the software will make sure it is backed up whenever a change to that file is made. Set it and forget it!

Plus the backed up data is stored in a remote location, so you are protected from theft as well as natural disasters.


These are just a couple of ways to protect the information on your computer. If you have questions or would like to know more, contact the friendly staff at Topics Design & Computer Repair

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Posted By Patrick Skotniczny 14th June 2013

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