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Flood Seal Insurance Rater

A Private Flood Alternative to NFIP

Brad Moncrief of Sterling Surplus Underwriters and Scott Wheeler of SFI Insurance Group collaborated with Lloyd’s of London to provide a private flood alternative to NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program).

Sterling Surplus Underwriters (Madison, MS) needed to move away from spreadsheets and automate the application and binding of insurance quotes. Flood Seal was designed for agents to provide “Private Flood Alternative to NFIP”.

Topics Design created the Flood Seal website and web application with ease of use and security practices in mind.

Agents can quote and bind an insurance quote for their clients. Administration of the bindings is provided to allow “Approve”, “Decline”, and edit of submitted quotes. An insurance quote is calculated based upon location, dwelling value (RCV), elevation, distance to ocean, construction type, and various other factors, then stored in a database and an email of the application and uploaded documents are sent to the administrator. When a quote is approved, several other documents are produced, including an invoice, and then stored.

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Posted By Glen Pierce 4th June 2014

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