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Simply Affordable!  TDTimeKeeper is a web based employee time keeping application.  This application eliminates the need for punch cards and manual calculation of time.  Employees punch-in and out on the kiosk mode which automatically transmits the time to the cloud database.  This allows the administrator to simply run a report showing calculated employee hours.  Other functions of TDTimeKeeper include group project management (with time tracking), group tasks, group messaging, and purchase order management.  These tools are essential to the small business.

Insurance Rater for Agents

Sterling Surplus Underwriters (Madison, MS) needed to move away from spreadsheets and automate the application and binding of insurance quotes.  Flood Seal was designed for agents to provide “A Private Flood Alternative to NFIP”.  Agents can quote and bind an insurance quote for their clients.  Administration of the bindings is provided to allow “Approve”, “Decline”, and edit of submitted quotes.  An insurance quote is calculated based upon location, dwelling value (RCV), elevation, distance to ocean, construction type, and various other factors, then stored in a database and an email of the application and uploaded documents are sent to the administrator.  When a quote is approved, several other documents are produced, including an invoice, and then stored.

C.L.R.T.S – Client Load Receiving Tracking System

Manages and tracks crop loads received from the farm to the warehouse.  Whenever a clients truck load enters the warehouse yard it is weighed, graded by USDA inspectors, and tested for various properties.  The CLRTS system tracks every stage of delivery until either rejected or accepted for warehouse storage.  During the weigh-in process, an image is taken of the truck and stored with the farmer information for verification, then produces a barcoded label that is then attached to the load for tracking through out the warehouse yard.  A monitor at the warehouse entrance displays loads received for processing and the status of the load (accepted or rejected).

M.I.R.T.S – Medical Instrument Repair Tracking System

Surgical instruments received from hospitals around the world (several hundred at a time in one order) are sanitized, cataloged, and repaired.  The inspection process reveals various damaged parts that is then coded into MIRTS.  The damaged instruments then move through the process stations of diagnosis and repair , refurbishment, etching, final inspection, packaging and invoicing.  MIRTS now allows the electronic tracking of each instrument in the order with electronic signature of each technician performing work.  The administrators can now see overall work load and order process status.  In addition, MIRTS creates invoices and packing slips and various reports.

Other Projects

Web camera installation and website integration
Point-to-point wireless ethernet for remote locations
IT Solution for group calendars
Specialty web applications for business directories, order and invoice management, and video integration